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Red eye that hurts when I blink my eye, stress and even more stress :/ can this week be over now? I’m so tired. And it’s only Sunday. I have so much to do and no time to do it. Homework will be the death of me x.x


Watching cheer movies make me miss cheer so much. I really want to work on my tumbling to get my backhandsprings :/ but the thing that I wish I could do most is be a flyer. I want to be in the air :( now I need to find people to base me…..sigh the struggles. I really want to have a one man base though. That’d be so cool…..

Ugh this shit gets old…..seriously.

He never fails to make me smile. Love my honey. I’m so proud to call him mine

It feels like she’s right here with me when I talk to her. I love her so muchhh. As far apart as we are, we still manage to talk. Love my Kelly. I seriously just love talking to her. She always puts a smile on my face with her long ass messages. Haha. I wish she were here instead of in NC :/